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State of the art robot base


Our RB-130 is a medium-sized, compact, autonomous, mobile service robot designed for indoor use and with a focus on safety. Our robot base has unique capabilities for 24/7 operation in close proximity to humans and builds on our know-how and experience from existing applications in the hospitality industry. The robot base introduces a completely new level of security in professional and production environments for collaborative use scenarios. Our robot uses a differential drive train, has expandable power and connection options and modular components to perform all tasks smoothly and reliably.


Mobile autonomous base

State of the art robot base



The RB-130 can be used for transport tasks in public, commercial and industrial interiors. No expensive additional infrastructure is required for autonomous navigation, so you have low installation costs and a high flexibility for possible changes in your processes.

Autonomous navigation

In our product we use a flexible, autonomous navigation system designed for unstructured indoor environments. Dynamic obstacles, such as people, are detected and autonomously avoided. Changes can be taken into account more easily, thus saving costs.

Multi-floor usage

Use elevators to integrate our robot into your multi-story logistics solution. From each floor the robot finds its way back to the loading station.

Proven safety system

The RB-130 offers an independent, multi-layered safety system for safe obstacle and stair detection, so that the robot can be operated safely even in the vicinity of untrained personnel and visitors.

Software & hardware

Hardware empowered by software

Fully customizable

An open electromechanical interface empowers a modular design to connect whatever payload you want to move or operate on top. Safety I/O Interfaces allow the full integration of your specific application into a complete system.

Remote access

Our ROC “Robotise Operation Center” offers you a state-of-the-art remote fleet control management interface and gives you direct access to your robots.

Getting started

Start integrating your system using ROS Kinetic and Gazebo and tap into the expertise of a global community.

RB-130: Specifications

The dimensions are adapted to be able to easily drive through small passages and doors. The payload can be mounted on top of the robot using a standardized frame. In parallel multiple safety and logic interfaces allow an easy connection of your payload or lifting-system.

Standard Interfaces

Safety Interfaces

Power Supply System


I/O Programming Interface

24 VDC

HDMI, 3,5“ Audio

10x Digital I/O

Battery with approx. 1 kWh

CAN-Bus, 2x Ethernet

2x Emergency Buttons

Two switchable outputs: 2x 15A


Operational Time


Ubuntu 18.04, ROS, Gazebo

8 h or 18 km with one charge (charges continuously in pauses)

Up to 130 kg

Commercial Applications
For professional service environments

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Industrial Applications
For industrial indoor environments

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