Robotise Operations Center (ROC)
Cloud Robotics / IoT Platform
The Heart of Operations
Where your system’s information meet

Be on top of things

Full control - Dashboards

Status information is available in real time from a digital twin, located in the Robotise Cloud. It provides you with all relevant status information. Alerts can be set and steps initiated.

Understand – KPIs and statistics

The data streamed from the device is stored in a state-of-the-art data management system. Meaningful KPIs can be measured and data analyzed.

Everything at your fingertips – the ROC application

You can access the data yourself, monitor your devices and configure your system with our web-based ROC application, accessible from wherever you are.


Control your devices

Manage your fleet– Remote configuration

The ROC gives you the tools to manage all your device configurations centrally, from one place.

Act in real time– Remote actions

Commands can be sent from the ROC to the devices, letting you manage your device based on the information provided and with no need to access the device in person.

Trustworthy– Secure & safe

All data exchange and systems are connected in a secure way; data and services run in environments hosted in Germany. Operators are located in Munich.


Get the service YOU want

Always there for you – 24/7 operation

Our tools and operators are always available to you, every day, night and day.

Tailored to your needs – ROC-as-a-service

We provide you with the services you need, including the tools to connect your environment.

Why do it yourself? – ROC operations customer service

Our team of expert ROC operators can handle the management of your devices and client base for you. We can monitor, configure, and manage your devices.

Please rotate your device!