Our Office Location
On the Siemens AG Campus München-Perlach


At Robotise, we are proud to be world leader in the segment of commercial service robots. Our aim is to provide an experience that surpasses our customers’ expectations. We focus on real-life challenges and day-to-day tasks where service robots can provide a decisive benefit. From day one, we engage with our customers and work with them to develop the initial Minimum Viable Product (MVP). By iterating rapidly, we go from MVP to Release Candidates and beyond.

How everything started

Robotise was launched at the Technical University Munich by the end of 2015. Back then, we already believed that the future lay in providing robotics as a service, and we now know that humans will soon be interacting with service robots on a daily basis. Design is a crucial aspect to help boost acceptance and ensure that people enjoy engaging with robots. Robots need to be safe and fun to interact with – and, most importantly, they need to offer an economic benefit.

In 2015, we started talking with potential users at airports, care homes and hospitals, before shifting our focus to the hotel segment. These interviews provided valuable insight, leading us to our lightbulb moment: why have a minibar in every room, hundreds in total, if you can have one minibar that comes to every room? This was the moment our story and the story of JEEVES started.

JEEVES, an iconic character

The name Jeeves was inspired by the iconic character from the stories and novels by the English author P.G. Wodehouse. Jeeves is the exceptionally competent valet of Bertie Wooster, a wealthy socialite. He is a byword for the very best, most discreet service – and we believe the name perfectly sums up what our company is about.

Company history

2016 - 2019
Prototyping and first customers

The founders team meets and Robotise is started. Potential customer are engaged and first prototypes are built. Seed financing round and Series-A1 & 2 financing rounds closed.

2019 - 2021
New production and expansion

Several European countries are served. Several new partnerships are closed. Start of series assembly and 24x7 ROC operations.

2021 - 2023
Production and deployment

Pilot projects are successfully finished and an order and deployment backlog is built up.

2023 - now
New product and new verticals 

The technology has proven and is in demand in different verticals. Many new uses cases are being discovered and service robotics is becoming a household name.

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