Shape the future of Service Automation and the Internet of Robotic Things.


Opportunity to invest in a future Global Leader in Service Robotics

  • Robotise develops software, builds Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), and builds the IoT backbone for the Internet of Robotic Things.

  • Based on the 3rd generation fully developed robotic platform, Robotise has a stable base to scale upon and execute its platform strategy.

  • The management team has a strong track record in building startups and exceptional expertise in robotics.

  • We combine advanced service robotics and an attractive design for solutions that meet our clients' needs, actually what they love and want!

  • We always place customers and their concerns at the center of our professional thinking to ensure Robotise continues to thrive as a profitable enterprise.

  • We at Robotise believe it is our time. Corona is not only a burden but also an opportunity for the digitalization and the acceptance of service robots. The new mantra is "touchless service."

Join us as an investor and help shape the future as a Global Leader in Service Automation & Robotics.

Robotise Investor
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