The UV-Disinfection Robot
Combatting Covid-19 with JOOLES

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Disinfection robot against Corona (Covid-19)

Robotise's UV light technology is lethal to many microorganisms. The disinfection cycles of our system are fast. You can disinfect surfaces in a patient's room in about 10 minutes and in an operating room in about 20 minutes. Preorder our system now.

Disinfection up to 99.999 %

  • Up to 99.999 % germ reduction – highly effective against bacteria, yeast, viruses and mold
  • Sustainable, chemical-free disinfection – no residues, no AOX
  • Excellent quality assurance – unwanted microorganisms are reliably inactivated
  • No resistance build-up – even effective against germs resistant to conventional disinfection
  • Dry process – no moisture
  • Temperature-neutral – no heating of media or surfaces
  • Cost security – purchasing costs are easy to calculate, with low maintenance costs

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