Flexible Material Transport

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Multi-Point Logistics

One trip with multiple stops

JEEVES is the perfect delivery robot for the “last meter” in hospitals. Featuring individually loadable drawers, he can service several drop-off points or service stations in one run. JEEVES does this either during routine deliveries, taking materials from the storeroom or the pharmacy to the service points, or he helps by taking samples from the ward to the laboratory. When he’s finished, he returns to his charging point and waits for his next assignment.

Up to 20 km 

Range per day 



More time 

Ease staff workload

JEEVES transports goods and materials over many kilometres in hospitals and care facilities, thus easing your staff’s workload. By eliminating time-consuming delivery journeys, your medical and nursing staff have time to concentrate on the important jobs and have more time for their patients. 

We believe in a future where humans can focus on the higher-level, more valuable tasks while new technologies handle the repetitive, tiring duties. This gives your staff more scope for creativity and caregiving – areas where the human touch is irreplaceable.

Last meter

Safe in public areas

What makes JEEVES truly unique is his comprehensive safety concept which allows him to navigate public areas securely. It goes without saying that he complies with all applicable European norms and safety standards. This means that JEEVES can handle deliveries to the point of use, also known as the “last meter”. The items are safely delivered to the designated recipient in lockable drawers.

Safe navigation

Comprehensive safety concept

Secure transport

Locked drawers with a PIN code


Customized to your needs

JEEVES has several modular drawers and a total capacity of 100 litres (chilled drawers are also available). The drawers can take up to 45 kilograms of items and materials; the number of drawers and their size can be configured to provide optimum space for all the goods and materials you need to transport.


Drawer layout adaptable


Capacity with optional chilling


Intuitive operation and easy fleet management

JEEVES is a plug and play system, and that’s what makes him so flexible and appealing. JEEVES can also be used as a fleet, with multiple units combined to form a system. Need to automate additional areas or jobs? No problem! You can flexibly extend or enlarge your fleet to meet your needs.
And because JEEVES is fully modular, we offer a wide range of bodies. Get in touch to find out more.


Without changes to building


A range of variants available

Technical Data


Ca. 100 kg


45 kg


5 drawers configurable

Chill vol.

Up to 70L


H: 124cm
W: 56cm
D: 65cm


Up to 8h

Free Rotation



Walking pace

Chill temp.

7° C


18,5" Touchdisplay

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