Robotise deploys JEEVES at Rilano Hotel Munich

As you may know, we have been very busy working on our newest service robot: JEEVES.

Jeeves was deployed, among others, at The Rilano Hotel in Munich.

This last deployment has been very well received by hotel guests as well as by the local media. JEEVES was featured at the Süddeutsche ZeitungBild, and Tophotel among other newspapers and hotel magazines. The media highlighted the convenient service that JEEVES provides as well as the innovative character of the product.
See the media links at the end of the post.

What’s next?
At Robotise we never stop improving, and in order to have the best service robot in the market, our team is currently working on the integration of Conversational AI and Inductive Charging Technology. These two features will allow users a better and more personalized interaction with JEEVES as well as a fully autonomous smooth operation.

First, with the integration of Conversational AI, the users of our service robot will be able to have a faster interaction by using their own words and terminology. For enterprises, e.g. hotel management, it will allow to build a closer connection with guests through a personalized interaction.

Second, JEEVES will soon recharge its batteries via Inductive Charging Technology. This will enable a fully autonomous operation with power usage optimization, including detailed battery monitoring and reporting.

JEEVES has a new video
We would also like to share the latest video of JEEVES produced by The Rilano Hotel.

Have fun watching!



Media links
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Fuchs, Johannes (DATEV)
6 November, 2018
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