Reinventing the minibar
The Rilano Hotel Munich is the first in the world to use the room service robot JEEVES

Munich, 8 October 2018. “We were invited to contribute ideas and application suggestions during the development process for JEEVES”, says Jan-Nicolas Corbach, Director of The Rilano Hotel Munich. “This was a very welcome opportunity, as we are committed to supporting innovations, looking to the future and rethinking how we do things.” For the past few weeks, the world’s very first minibar and roomservice robot has been serving guests on the floors of The Rilano Hotel Munich. Hotel guests order JEEVES on their room telephone; JEEVES then comes direct to the door of their hotel room. After selecting the items on JEEVES’ display, the guest can remove drinks, snacks or other room service items from JEEVES’ drawers. The cost of the items is added to the room bill. “Our guests love JEEVES”, says Jan-Nicolas Corbach.

Hungry, thirsty – but don’t feel like leaving the room? Say goodbye to minibars and hello to JEEVES, who brings all kinds of fresh snacks direct to the door. Guests simply key in 333 in the room telephone, hang up and a short time later JEEVES calls back to report that he is waiting at the door, complete with a wide range of items for sale in his drawers. Guests tap on JEEVES’ display to open the chilled drawers and take out any drinks and snacks they want. The purchases are added to the room bill.

The robot, which stands 1.20 m tall, also has a designated delivery drawer, which lets him help the front desk staff by delivering room service items. JEEVES can bring towels or toothbrushes direct to guests in their room. “JEEVES  is connected to the hotel WiFi, is fully autonomous, can ride the elevators and is always ready for service”, says Johannes Fuchs of Robotise in Munich. Its modular chilled drawers have a capacity of 100 litres.

“UpGREAT your service” is JEEVES’ pledge, and The Rilano Hotel Munich has been able to introduce a whole new room service experience offering unprecedented flexibility, for example delivering fresh food at all hours of the day and night, high-quality perfumes or other bespoke services. “There are technical limits in the hotel business, and that is good. People should be at the heart of everything we do”, he says, adding: “However, we want to streamline and standardise processes, make them easier and ensure that we offer consistently excellent service and stable room prices. Technology like JEEVES helps us to achieve these goals.”   

Holger Behrens, Managing Partner of Rilano Hotels & Resorts, adds: “Hotels stand for services – and our aim is keep on reimagining them. Minibars have developed significantly in recent years and now include vending machines and small shop units in the lobby. With JEEVES, we are now taking a great step forward – and the enthusiastic response of our guests shows that it is exactly the right step.” There are already plans to use a talking JEEVES, which could also act as a concierge. 


About Robotise

Robotise develops and markets service robots for businesses and public institutions. The core ambition is to solve everyday challenges where service robotics can achieve great benefits - such as improving service performance, relieving staff, compensating for skill shortages and opening up new opportunities for customers. Robotise was founded in 2016 by Johannes Fuchs and Oliver Stahl. The company is headquartered on the "Campus of Ideas" in Munich. Robotise is planning to grow further in all business areas.

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About Rilano Hotels & Resorts

Room for individuality is the guiding principle of the group. Rilano Hotels & Resorts combine hotels of different design standards and stand for timeless style and elegance as well as for service quality and orientation towards the latest technologies. Rilano Hotels & Resorts reflect tradition and international hotel values with a forward-looking appearance. The name "Rilano" combines the best of three countries with a great tradition of hospitality: Italy was the godfather of lightness, style and joie de vivre. The service orientation and affinity for state-of-the-art technology find their origin in American tradition. Reliability and quality have domestic, German roots. For perfect sleep, Rilano Hotels & Resorts have developed their own bed and mattress concept in cooperation with a renowned bed manufacturer, the "Gentle Sleep System" with quality mattresses and XXL comforters. The brand portfolio of Rilano Hotels & Resorts: The Rilano Hotel, Rilano 24|7 as well as Rilano Resorts can currently be found in Munich, Hamburg, Kleve and Wolfenbüttel as well as in the Kitzbühel Alps.

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8 Oktober, 2018
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