Einträge von Johannes Fuchs

Robot Morality

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is arguably the most exciting, most recently also increasingly controversial, field in robotics. AI will outperform humans in a growing range of fields in the years to come. The ultimate version of AI would be a recreation of the human thought process; a man-made software (bot) or machine (robot) with our intellectual […]

How the Story Began

Robotise started up near the end of 2015 out of the Technical University Munich. At this time, software was already enabling service robots to leave the factory setting behind and to transition into the everyday lives of people. Soon enough, people will be interacting with service robots every day, which makes design a critical component […]

The AMR Got New Paint Job, Delivers Coffee

Our first prototype is now fully working and can even deliver coffee. In the top right hand corner of the screen, one can see the map of the office, which the robot generates completely on its own. This video also demonstrates the robot’s safety features, which cause it to stop when a person walks in its […]