Robot delivering a coffee

Our first prototype is now fully working and delivering a coffee. In the top right hand corner you can see the map of the office, which the robot builds autonomously. This also demonstrates the robot safely stopping when a person walks in front of it.

Our autonomous delivery system


After 5 months of designing, hard work at the work shop and long nights programming, our prototype is finally finished! It’s currently controlled by a games controller but the next step is to get it moving autonomously via our custom navigation software.

How the robot sees the world


This is how our robot sees the world. With the use of onboard sensors, the robot is able to detect objects and other items around it and build a map of the world. This is then used to autonomously navigate its environment.

Our Goals


Welcome to Robotise. Our company was founded with the idea to take robots out of the research lab and into the real world with one simple mission.

Making the world a better place through robotics.